Gianna Mancini

Dreamer, Designer & Founder

Hi, I’m Gianna – the face, heart and soul behind Write It On Your Heart!

Starting out as just a blog in 2015, this has now evolved into something new and exciting! Since then, I’ve discovered a new love and skill of hand-lettering, and I’ve come to realise a passion for design. Fast forward a couple of years and here we are, in 2017, revamping and giving a new look to this idea that started in my devotional time. So, lo and behold, we not only have a blog, but a store where I’ll be selling some of the things I’ve created!

I’ve always been a creative, as well as a bit of a perfectionist – a combination that can be both good and bad. But in this whole journey, and despite my personal tendencies, I’ve narrowed down on my purpose as to why I’m doing all of this. This isn’t a mass-money-making scheme or a way to show off a sense of skill, but rather an opportunity to speak life over you. The purpose of Write It On Your Heart is that words wouldn’t just be words, a birthday card would say more than ‘Happy Birthday’ and an art piece on your wall would add to more than just the aesthetics of a room. My prayer and hope is that when you receive something from my store, that the words would truly be written on your heart, that you would know that you are loved, seen and known.

Thank you for joining me on this new venture – let’s get writing!